Welcome to the Exmoor Trim Summer Newsletter 

The approach to summer at Exmoor has been a hectic couple of months with the installation of new leather cutting technology and world class cutting facility with the new “PARAGON” Gerber cutter. This has entailed a lot of additional work.


So in 2015 we have decided to invest heavily in finished stock and bring in some exciting new products. We will keep these in stock which will compliment and increase the range available to you the customer. enabling you to purchase these direct from our warehouse or through our distributors.


Made to fit all 80” variants, left or right hand drive Series I from 1948 to 1953.

These are well thought out mats, fit very well and are in keeping with the era.

Our thanks goes to Roger Craythorne who helped with the design and fitting.

View this product HERE

Product Price: £31.50+VAT  Product Code: EXT017-32


I am delighted to be bringing this new brand to the UK market from our German partners Hofele Design. It has a very fresh look which enhances the Defender and marries perfectly with the Exmoor brand. My particular favourite, the front grill with nudge and bumper, upgrade lights and running lights all come together for a very nice modern look.

We have been stocking these kits from Hofele since February 2015, so why not visit our site to see the full range. There will be something for everyone guaranteed.  I can’t wait to convert my own 2013 110’ XS Defender.


Shown below is the Set of 4 Cross 18″ wheels in black & ‘All Terrain’ profile tyres. Wheel spacers & wheel bolts included.

1 x complete Wheel dimensions = Size: 8,5J x 18″ with tyre 265/65 x 18.

Colour: Black-metalic wheel with STRONG profile BF Goodrich All Terrain Tyre T/A. KO RWL 122 R Heavy Load.


Product Price: £1644.84+VAT

Product Code: HF4238-B18-DEF-AT-PACKAGE

Hofele products are used and trusted by many main dealers around the world for a great vehicle enhancement that meets the modern customer needs.

View product HERE

“Have you considered our Leather door card trim service”?

Exmoor has now invested in hi-tec bonding systems which are used for very high temperate adhesion. This guarantees the trim can’t lift in the highest of temperatures. In fact, if we get it wrong 1st time we simply can’t pull it off..

The end result is an exceptional finish in a quality range of leather options and styles. Why not consider this for your Defender? and at sensible prices it’s a very good upgrade.

View out Bespoke Gallery HERE for inspiration!

“The NEW ELITE SEAT as popular as ever”

Elite seat sales continue to grow with many customers rating this seat very highly indeed. With a great range of trim options available from the fully tailored bespoke service to our great range of leather options.

Why not call the office and ask for our “Bespoke Service” order forms allowing you the freedom to design and create your own interior.

View the Elite seat HERE

“NEW PUMA SEATS – 2007 onwards”


The Puma Defender front replacement seat from Exmoor Trim is supplied complete with runners and all fixings. This is a direct replacement seat for the original front seating used from 2007 in all Defenders.

•Removable seat base & adjustable head rest with reclining seat backs and smooth sliding runners.

•Available in all original trims.

•Some options are supplied with the Exmoor Heater kit or they can be installed with OEM heaters on request.

•Available in either Left or Right hand individually or as a pair and Individual components are also supplied.

•A cost effective real Leather Trim cover kit is available if you already have these seats but want to upgrade.

•All front seats issued with full testing certificate to keep with your log book.

•Approved by Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). Mark 1 Impact Tested (Millbrook Testing Ground). Approved worldwide and certification supplied with every seat.

View the product and more information HERE



The heater kit is supplied as a 2 seat kit with two x base pads and two x back pads and a cleverly designed wiring loom and handy short and high/low switch modules.

•The self adhesive pads are the exact size for Defender seats.

•Made from a very durable outer fabric.

•Each seat has its own loom as opposed to a single feed.

•The switches have a short end lead and plug to the main loom.

•A simple round hole allows the switches to be clicked into place.

•The switches illuminate when ON with a 3 stage switch showing high setting, stand by and low setting.

•Thermostatically controlled with a pre-set temperature.

•Comes with a clear fitting guide.

•There is also a fitting video online.

•Exmoor Trim seats come installed with this kit.

View the product and more information HERE

Product Price: £72.50+VAT

Product Code: EXT010-2

“NEW PREMIUM PUMA SEATS – 2013 onwards”


The Premium Puma Defender front replacement seat from Exmoor Trim is supplied complete with runners and all fixings. This is a direct replacement seats for the original front seating used from 2013 as an option for all Defenders.

•Removable seat base & reclining seat backs and smooth sliding runners.

•Available in all original trims (XS Black Rack, Black Leather, Black and Pimento Leather, Black and Tan Leather, Black and Lunar Leather).

•We are also offering in the XS Vinyl with twin white stitch, Diamond XS vinyl and Diamond XS Leather popular aftermarket options.

•Our Premium Puma seat Leather options are trimmed in 100% high quality Leather to match any original interior with excellent quality Automotive grade leather that wears well.

•All are supplied with the Exmoor heaters and wiring loom/switches.

•These seats are available as a pair.

•Issued with full testing certificate to keep with your log book.

•Approved by Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). Mark 1 Impact Tested (Millbrook Testing Ground). Approved worldwide and certification supplied with every seat.

•Don’t settle for less, safety matters.

•Product Price: £875.00+VAT  Product Code: is for a pair of seats: EXT307-PREM

•Below shows our leather options.

View Product HERE




The quick release boss kit from Exmoor trim is a great product that allows for for added security and is very easy to release and unlock the steering wheel when parked.

•The boss kit fits between the steering wheel and the standard mounting boss when upgrading your steering wheel. NOTE: It does NOT however fit a standard Land Rover steering wheel direct.

•Supplied with all the stainless bolt fittings and allen key and also allows for horn push if required.

•Purchased with either a 36 or 48 spline boss or a the new 2015 boss allows for the quick release function & easy to fit

•High quality boss with a black finish and stainless internal casing with locking pin and dual action locking.

•The diameter of the boss is 90mm and the mounting holes align with any Momo Moto-lita, Mountney or Exmoor Spline Boss.

If you have any questions or need any advice please do phone or email.

View product and more information on fitting HERE

Product Price: £46.50+VAT

Product Code: EXT900QR-01

“Classic – Retro – Hand Built – Quality Wheels”


Exmoor Trim now offers a select range of high quality steering wheels for the Land Rover marque. These beautiful 15″ wheels certainly compliment any Land Rover interior with only top quality materials used and quality hand stitching applied only. Have a look on our website as these wheels are now in stock and ready for delivery and have been selling very well.

Product Price: £247.50+VAT

Product Code: (for the Evander Black Leather with white hand stitching shown above EXT900WBLSB48


View Product HERE


Delivering innovation and classic design.

“New E-SPORTS SEAT & Competition”

The NEW Exmoor Trim E-Sports seat is available in a range of top quality trims including coloured leather options. All seats have the seat runners fitted and a seat riser with 3 adjustment settings ready to bolt onto the Defender seat box. With access front and rear for battery, the E-Sports also come with seat heaters built in as standard. (All seats are supplied with test certificates for retro fitting).  For more information click HERE


Product Price: £695.00+vat

Product Code: (for a pair of E-Sports in Black Vinyl twin white stitch)


Diamond XS Trim option as shown below is £855.00+ vat for a pair ready to install with heaters, sliders and all mounting hardware.

“New SEATBELT KITS for rear seats”


Suitable for front centre and load area side facing seats, Exmoor’s own floor mounting lap belt can be used for all side facing and early centre seats.


Supplied with a fitting kit which includes under floor load bearing plates and packing washers. These belts have been independently tested to exceed M3 Pull test requirements.

Read more about how this product was tested HERE.

Product Price: £54.00+VAT   Product Code: EXT001-1STD-PACKAGE


To purchase these belts click HERE


It is with regret that we have had to discontinue our Moorland trim option as we are no longer able to reproduce it.

It has been a popular trim over a number of years and we are sad to see it go.


View more rally news click HERE

So that just leaves me to say thank you for your custom in 2015 and for the recent feedback and new product ideas from many customers. I hope you have enjoyed the summer newsletter with Exmoor launching an exciting new range to hit the market in 2015.


Kindest of regards