Mucking about with Land Rovers is what we love.

Can there be a vehicle that is more iconic or with a richer history than Land Rover? From the genius of one man’s need to make and mend to the inspired designers and engineers who created the grace and all terrain capability of Range Rover the Land Rover story is notable in itself.

LandRovers Live is about celebrating that history and building on the future.  Whether you’re planning an expedition, setting out on a weekend off roading or painstakingly restoring a classic Land Rover, LandRovers Live wants allow all enthusiasts to be part of that experience. Our aim is to produce compelling content that puts the enthusiast at the centre of the story, builds on the community of Land Rover fans and shares in the adventures and achievements of Land and Range Rover owners from across Britain, Europe and around the world.

LandRovers Live is produced and broadcast from Birmingham, the UK’s Second City in the heart of the English Midlands and home of Land Rover itself. Follow us on your favourite social network to make sure you are in the loop.