Celebrating out 1st Birthday and the 25th of the Billing Land Rover Fest meant only one thing. Bigger and better all round.

We had a great weekend and managed to meet many of you guys who’s support has kept us going throughout our first year. With the second Broadcast series nearly upon us Land Rovers Live has gone from a work/life balance exercise for presenter Mat into the most viewed medium for Land Rover fans the world over.

Mat was joined over the weekend by FunRover’s Ben Gribbin in hosting duties – so a huge thank you to Ben. Do check out his work. http://funrover.com


But enough about us. The truth is that without you guys we wouldn’t have made it past week three, so a huge thanks to all of you out there, as long as you keep enjoying the show we will keep making it.

Along the way we also have to thank our partners who have helped keep the lights on also. In the links on the side of the page all of these great companies have and continue to be our valued partners in the production on Land Rovers Live, so go on and give those links a click and see what they do.

One of the objectives that we have here when partnering up with companies is to find a partner who fits with what we are working to achieve. What that means is that we turn away many more prospects than we accept. We do this for a few reasons but mainly for you, our dear viewer. We believe that you don’t want us peddling crappy product just because we are being paid for it, or for a free T-shirt. As such the companies who we are proud to have as partners are good ones, we can stand by them and can recommend their product, quality and service – all of which we put to the test. Our partners also know that if we find problems or feel that we cannot support a product or service then we will be honest about that. Without your trust as viewers and contributors we are no better than the rest of ’em.


Any way Back to Billing. There is so much that we could say but we’ll leave it for the playlist to show you around. Over coming days and most probably weeks we’ll be adding loads more content as we churn through it.

As for the rest of the summer you will next see us at :



There’ll be some exciting announcements over the next few days on the Adventure Overland Show so stay tuned….




Thats all for now.