Looking for Love by Amy “Crusher” Reid.

Right, I think I have finally, finally got over the sale of my 110 Defender.

The tears have finally stopped… except you know…every time I see another 110.
Anyway, Winter is coming and I’m truckless in a yellow Fiat Punto that is falling apart more and more each day.
Therefore I am on a search, some may even say a mission for the new love of my life… a new truck.
My criteria:
  • To get me through the floods – Living in Worcester right next to the River Severn has it’s problems every winter. I’m not willing to be stuck there again this year.
  • Insurance I can afford – If you are under 25 getting insured on a 4×4 is a little bit ridiculous. Even from the 4×4 insurance companies and naming Landy groups I’m part of isn’t enough to get those insurance quotes down to an affordable sum.
  • MPG – I do at least 60 miles a day. Spending my wages on petrol isn’t my favourite thing to do.
So…I’ve decided against a Defender, a Series and even a Disco. I’m going Freelander.
Now, I know it is a little bit controversial and I will have to remember not to wave to other Landy owners. In fact I told a few of you Landy lovers this…
In fact Andy Fleming from Staffs 4×4 sent me an encouraging “haha pmsl” message when he heard . Why thank you Andy.
So now I am on a mission to get a Freelander TD4 Diesel.
A task which I thought would be easy, I mean I  have the money ready even insurance quotes that I can afford. I began thinking I would get one within the first week of looking.
Firstly, I can only find petrol Freelanders in my price range.
There are loads out there… but Mat refuses to let me buy one and to be honest I don’t really know the difference that much but hey whatever the boss says.
I saw the perfect Freelander, TD4, 2003, Diesel, near where my mum lived.
I got very excited (it was also my birthday) so I went to view it with my mum in tow expecting to drive home with an awesome birthday treat for myself…but … that was not the Freelander I saw online!
This cheeky chap (It wasn’t my first choice of name) had clearly photoshopped the reg onto different pictures of a much tidier landy.
The Freelander I saw online was in brilliant condition; nice black bumpers and not a scratch to be seen on the bodywork. Even had 12 months MOT and a beautifully clean and shiny interior.
The bumpers were grey, there was a deep scratch down the drivers side, the interior smelt like wet dog and mould. As for the MOT! HA, it had 3 months left on its current MOT but because it was being sold under ‘warranty’ he would do an MOT when it was ready.
I didn’t trust this man as far as I could throw him.
He couldn’t have paid me to test to drive that Landy…as for the wet damp horrible smell of the interior, I could still smell it as my mother sped off calling him every name under the sun.
Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 13.33.40
So…here I am still truckless… Week 3 of my search and no luck…with winter approaching far too fast.
Wish me luck!