Now, you might already know that Land Rover have teamed up with Virgin Galactic. At first, I thought this was only to do with the new Discovery Sport and, more specifically, their snazzy new sun-roof. Which, pictured in the teaser-trailer, looked very nice, parked under the clear night sky, with the moon making a statement.

However, it has now been revealed that you, yes you, and three friends, can be eligible for a trip to space. The make or break factor being: how much of an adventurous spirit are you? You will be amongst the first pioneering travellers to view the earth from space, and to enjoy a bit of an ‘out of seat’ zero gravity experience. I’m pretty sure Neil Armstrong was one of the first dudes to do this? Am I right? Even so, don’t let me detract from the allure of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

So, the quest begins. An online quest. To find a group of aspiring astronauts to whisk off into orbit. All you need to do is send in a short, convincing, 30 second video, as to why you’re ready for the ultimate adventure.

To enter, and to watch other people’s inspirational videos, click here.