We’ve looked at a few lavish Landy’s, most recently the SVR, but this one takes the cake.

It’s a Range Rover Sport, with something under the bonnet, more tuned than an OAP’s radio, that will accelerate the 2.4 tonne block of style and charisma from 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds. A 4.4 litre, twin turbo, diesel, V8.

The most noticeable differences lie in the suspension and gearbox setup. The ZF, 8 speed, automatic box, has been re-engineered and now boasts a revised torque converter with a twin-spring damper to cope with all the extra newton-meters. A total of 740, in fact.

The suspension allows for up to 115mm of regular movement, the lowest setting being 50mm, making off-road driving even more doable; and allows for off-road speed to be raised from 30mph to 50mph. This is useful for long dirt tracks which prove to be anything but consistently flat.

The electronic power steering is said to be lighter, I’m not sure whether that is beneficial in all circumstances though. Personally, I would prefer to have more feedback from the wheels when, precariously, picking my way over a few boulders. But then again, I don’t have £82, 650. Yes, that’s the price.

It might be a cardinal sin on this site to mention another car manufacturer, but the truth is you can buy the new Porsche Cayenne S, diesel, which is quicker, more environmentally friendly, and more convincingly, £20k less than it’s British rival. Just saying.

…*cough*…back to the Range Rover. Other technicalities of the new RR Autobiography include a longer overall length. It is 62mm longer than its predecessor. Just in case you don’t have a ruler to hand on the forecourt, and is still smaller than most 7-seater SUV’s available on the market.

It is also more spacious, with an extra 178mm added on to the wheelbase, meaning more room inside to swing the proverbial cat.

Noticeable differences to the shell distinguish this model from any other, which, in essence, is what you really want after forking out for this 4×4. The aforementioned differences include shorter overhangs, front and rear, a more sharply raked windscreen, and a sloping roofline. Alloy wheel sizes range from 19″ to 22″.

More bells and whistles entrusted with Land Rover electronics include better safety features, if your roving ramble takes a turn for the worse. Twin, front, side, knee, and curtain, airbags, are standard. ABS, stability control for those misjudged roundabouts, and of course, terrain response.

To summarise:

– Model name: Range Rover Sport SDV8 Autobiography

– Engine: 4.4 litre twin turbo diesel V8 (tuned)

– Price (on the road): £82, 650

– Insurance group: 48

– CO2 emissions per km: 229g

– Max speed: 140mph

– Economy: 32.5mpg (combined)