A limited edition Range Rover, the Evoque SW1, is to be debuted at the Paris Motor Show.

The SW1 is emblazoned with the Union Flag as part of the ‘Inspired By Britain’ series. A range of interior customisation options are also available to further personalise your patriotic statement on wheels.

Firenze Red

Firenze Red

It comes in two styles: full colour and monochrome. The full colour model has 5 colour schemes to chose from: Firenze Red, Fuji White, Loire Blue, Santorini Black, and Corris Grey. All colour schemes feature a contrasting Fuji White roof.

20 inch alloys, white tick decals (red for the Fuji White variant), and Union Flag graphics on the rear spoiler and wing mirrors finish off the unique livery.


The 6 speed manual variant

The 6 speed manual variant

As for the interior, Taurus Ebony leather with Cirrus stitching adorns the seats, armrests, door inserts, and facia trim. The rotary shift controller and paddles are in an Anodised Red finish on the 9-speed auto version. The headrests and carpet mats further the British scheme, whilst the sill plates, and even the vehicle key, are lavished with the ubiquitous flag.

The Monochrome version builds upon the entry level ‘Pure’ spec, with only 3 colour schemes available. Santorini Black, Fuji White, or Corris Grey. The last two finishes have a contrasting black roof. The interior being identical to the full colour variant. Anodised red controls, Ebony upholstery, tick decals. As well as the glossy, white, 20″, alloys.

These special editions are a celebration of our Britishness…
Evoque is designed and engineered in Britain and we know that resonates with our global consumers

Gerry McGovern (Land Rover’s Design Chief)

Land Rover also mentions, again, about their new, laser, Head-Up Display which will be featured alongside the limited edition SW1.


Crucial information such as cruise control settings, traffic sign recognition, gear position, and turn by turn navigation, is beamed upon the windscreen using improved LED technology.

“Jaguar Land Rover’s HUD system is an innovative driver information tool, which really pushes the boundaries of advanced laser projection technology”

“It borrows from military technology – which, until now, has been unheard of in the automotive industry”

By presenting key driver information in this way and removing the need for the driver to look away from the road ahead, HUD is an important step on the journey to delivering Land Rover’s vision of the intelligent car of the future.

Murray Dietsch

(Director Land Rover Programmes)

The new, limited edition, SW1 will be available to buy from next month. Except if you live in the UK, that is.