The new Range Rover SVR has been revealed at the Quail Car Show, Monterey, California.

Now we all know that, when it comes to Land Rovers, speed isn’t important. However, all audiences need to be catered for.

Featuring a specially tuned, 5.0 litre, supercharged, V8, producing 542bhp and 680Nm of torque, this thing will either get you over that field in record time or transport you to Waitrose at warp speed.

Modifications over the regular RR Sport include a 2 stage active exhaust with electric valves and quad pipes, 22 inch alloy shoes encased in Continental’s finest ‘SportContact’ performance tyres, and an improved rear bumper and diffuser; which would give the aerodynamics of Concord a run for its money.

When placed along side the Porsche Cayenne Turbo in a straight line, the ‘souped up’ SVR accelerates off quicker than toupée in a hurricane. However, when it comes to top speed, the electronically limited powerhouse restricts it to a modest 162mph.

The SVR will be sold alongside the standard RR models, meaning quick Range Rover’s will be overtaken by even quicker Range Rover’s and also making way for a few awkward encounters at the traffic lights.

You’ll be able to place an order for one from October this year. That is, of course, if you don’t mind parting with over 93,000 of your hard earned Great British Pounds.

The first deliveries of the beast are expected to made early next year.