Can’t afford the new Range Rover Evoque? Me neither. But here is something slightly more affordable, and pretty much identical, than Jaguar Land Rover’s new, posh, pony. If you can live with a brand name that sounds like a metaphor for an outside fart, that is.

China, with all their restricted creative capabilities taken into consideration, have spawned this: the Land Wind X7. I’m not quite sure what to make of the name. But it neither looks like a BMW nor does it look like a Wind Mill Farm venture plan that you’d expect to find, lavished, on rural Wales.





The interior, however, is the only aspect of it that Land Wind decided against forging. It looks more like the interior of a Lexus. I quite like the look of the inside, but I won’t go any further. The one shown here is the 8-speed auto, version. Of course, if I was the proud owner of this Land Wind model, it would have to be the 6-speed manual.


Plush and luxurious, for only $19,500. But drive it through Devon and you’d have to dip the rear-view mirror as not to be dazzled by the glare of flaming torches, approaching quickly, over the horizon behind you.

The X7 is only a smidgin smaller than its X8 predecessor. ‘Oh great, there’s another one’ I hear you sigh. But don’t worry, the X8 is not Land Rover inspired. Thankfully. If anything, the X8 looks more like a Toyota Hilux mushed with the rear end of Kia.

For the sake of details, at the heart of the Evoq…I mean…Land Wind x7, is a 2 litre turbo-charged, four cylinder, petrol engine. Producing 190bhp. Hmm…a slightly lethargic wind, perhaps.

Anyway, whatever you make of it, it exists. Oh, and it will also win the race against the real, Chinese made, Evoque, to the dealerships, by two months. Windy indeed.