No-one is safe from the Land Rover bug. Amy Reid, our Assistant Producer, and her boyfriend Josh Middlebrook have been well and truly bitten. Amy had never been in the driver’s seat of a Landrover before. Now she owns one. Scary.

After just one weekend at Billing Land Rover Fest, they decided to jointly buy their first Landrover. An ex-MoD, 300 tdi, 110, named Rupert.

£1,950, 164k on the clock, full paperwork, and with lots of mechanical repairs done to it, this white wagon is proven to be very reliable indeed. With the previous owners selling to upgrade to a more family-friendly Discovery.

It is a much loved vehicle, even though the outside may not show it, and there’s lots of work planned for it before its maiden voyage to the 2014 Peterborough Landrover Show. This includes a full-respray; after which I’m sure it will look the part.

However, the new colour is still yet to be decided. Keep it black and white? Or spray it white and green? Then again, it might look nice in green and black? The arguments have started.

With Amy and Josh being young drivers the insurance companies were rubbing their hands together, with the highest quote being £2,000; but after a bit of searching around they managed to get it down to a sensible £528 a year. Not bad at all for a gutsy 2.5ltr Defender.

Our director, Mat Cooper, gave it a test spin and the truck has earnt his approval as well. Even in its current state, it still didn’t fail to put a smile on Josh’s face!


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