If you’ve got a Landy tucked away in the back yard, sitting dormant on the drive, or maybe one that is an ongoing project, with the intention of putting it rightfully back on Britain’s roads, then you need to be aware of the change regarding vehicle tax.

From the 1st October 2014, we will wave goodbye to the paper tax disc*. The thing that, greedily, takes up a chunk of the windscreen with its special sleeve, is often in your peripheral vision, and without due care can slither down the air vent, never to be seen again.

From then on, your vehicle will be checked for tax by the ubiquitous ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras, that are ever present on today’s roads.

However, you will no longer have to battle between windscreen and dashboard, trying to remove those tiny hex screws with the world’s smallest allen key, in order to gain access the expired piece of paper that lies sandwiched within.

Positive news all round, we feel.


*Excludes Northern Ireland Addresses