The final design for the new Defender has been decided upon and is not set to change before the current, 66 year old, Defender ceases production next year.

However, Land Rover insists that the new Defender will not look anything like the DC100 and DC100 Sport, concept, models that were unveiled three years ago.

They also say that the new design will not be a direct replacement, either. Talks are still ongoing as to how long the time gap should be before the new model is debuted, and as to how the new design should be introduced to the public.

But the real challenge that Land Rover will be facing, in the not too distant future, is to design a whole new family of ‘premium durability’ Defenders which will most likely be built on a unique platform. Sales figures are expected to be around 50,000 units per annum to make the venture economically viable.


What the new DC100 Defender WON’T look like…

(2o11 concept)