From the 25th to the 27th of July this year an estimated 20,000 made the annual trek to the newly rebranded Billing Land Rover Fest, Billing Aquadrome, Northamptonshire. Land Rovers of all shapes and sizes, from the rare and sought after Series 1’s, to the pricey yet practical, new, Range Rover’s and Evoque’s. Plus everything in-between.

Everywhere you looked there were creative and inspiring takes on the classic design of the Land Rover. 110 Camper Van conversions, Camel Trophy trucks straight from the Sahara, and 90’s that looked as if they could take on the North Pole with nothing more than a spare jerry can and a bag full of optimism.

We at Land Rover’s Live got some great interviews and content from a range of people passionate about their Landy’s. Every club under the sun were at Billing, and they were definitely under the sun, all 35° of it. The weather couldn’t be faulted, with welcome clouds towards the end of the show.

Wandering around the many trade stalls you could pick up pretty much any Land Rover part you could need or think of. Flashy LED lights to make your Discovery dazzle in the dusk, chunky tires for the open field, and original parts for the purists, too.

This year’s show also saw the launch of our first episode of Land Rover’s Live, and we received a great and encouraging response from individuals and many Land Rover clubs. We apologise if we didn’t get round to seeing you, we will hopefully catch you at next year’s show.