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Brains for Breakfast, Tommy Oliver, NT Complex plus music video from Robert Bearsby – Episode 3

Brains for Breakfast

Brains for Breakfast

Acoustic act from Walsall. Lyrical, Experimental, Acoustic.


Tommy Oliver

Tommy Oliver

Singer, Songwriter and Performer. Tommy Oliver’s EP Champagne Nights is out now.


NT Complex

NT Complex

Up and coming male harmony singing and rapping duo based in Birmingham. As a two part they cover most areas of music. Doing rap, acoustic, grime, dubstep…


Robert Bearsby

Robert Bearsby

Robert Bearsby is the epitome of the thriving DIY music scene in the UK, collecting fans and influential supporters as he goes.

Official Website, Bandcamp

Hosted by

Nick Lancaster: @lancaster_n
Rhiannon Burton: @Rhiannonb15

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Ben McNeill

Founder of NEXI TV, Producer of Film Live, Sound Check & Founders. Bit of a geek.

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