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The Delta Rhythm, Jimmy Davis, Andy Bennett plus Will and The People – Episode 1

The Delta Rhythm

The Delta Rhythm

Hailing from the West Midlands, a mutual love of music, here are The Delta Rhythm, a cross-breed of Blues, Hard Rock, Indie and Prog Rock.


Jimmy Davis

Jimmy Davis

Working class voice. World class words. Making music for the world beyond heat magazine, Jimmy Davis speaks for a voiceless generation, who long for an end to the injustices and lack of care that blight the world.

Official Website, YouTube


Andy Bennett

Andy Bennett

Andy is a good friend of SoundCheck. He is known for being a member of the band Ocean Colour Scene and joins SoundCheck to perform some of his solo material.

Official Website

Will and The People

Will and The People

Will and the People are a Rock band from the UK. The project was started by singer songwriter William Rendle in Brighton England. They are not just playing songs. They are living through music.

Hosted by

Nick Lancaster: @lancaster_n
Rhiannon Burton: @Rhiannonb15

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Available on Broadcast and online
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Ben McNeill

Founder of NEXI TV, Producer of Film Live, Sound Check & Founders. Bit of a geek.

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