Land Rover has confirmed the world’s first premium compact SUV convertible will go on sale in 2016 by releasing a unique underground testing film.

Following the release of the Spectre 007 production photos this campaign by Land Rover is hot in the ultimate baddy lair.

Forty metres below the streets of London, UK, the first prototype of Land Rover’s new Range Rover Evoque Convertible was granted exclusive access to the 26-mile (42km) network of Crossrail tunnels for a development test with a difference. Engineers were allowed the opportunity to drive the disguised Evoque Convertible with its roof lowered in complete privacy.

Range_Rover_Evoque_Convertible_Crossrail_6_LowRes Range_Rover_Evoque_Convertible_Crossrail_3_LowRes Range_Rover_Evoque_Convertible_Crossrail_4_LowRes Range_Rover_Evoque_Convertible_Crossrail_7_LowRes Range_Rover_Evoque_Convertible_Crossrail_2_LowRes Range_Rover_Evoque_Convertible_Crossrail_1_LowRes

This one is going to take some time to sink in, Im going to be honest with you. The lines are now getting blurred between different models of vehicle and even across manufacturers. With all this gender bending going on in the car world who knows what to buy?

We have Land Rovers Pretending to be sports cars, Minis pretending to be off roaders and who knows what the Nissan duke is?















The idea that Land Rover can build great cars is one most of us have accepted- it somehow feels that they aren’t sure themselves. And so they just keep going.

Is the Evoque now completely overworked?

The buyers will Speak.