Put your “Cow gowns” on and get on down to Solihull.

Land Rover’s new attraction opened today!

On the Series 1 celebration line


In 1948 history was made and so was the first Land Rover.  In keeping with the theme of 2015 “Defender Celebration” this new attraction invites the public in to see, well just how that was all done.

The first lucky visitors, the Writtle family from South Gloucestershire [pictured} said: “We are huge enthusiasts of this iconic vehicle and own 11 between us. It feels like we have won the lottery as we have secured one of the few Limited Edition Heritage vehicles from the recently announced Celebration Series.

Today there are 450 people working on the Defender production line, including a family who has seen three generations dedicate themselves to the manufacture of these iconic vehicles, There’s surely a Knighthood in there somewhere.

The whole tour is 3 hours long showing you everything from the body shop all the way through to final assembly, where you see the assembly line workers put it all together. In case you missed it we showed the Defender line in  Episode 13, so I’ll whack that below for you to have a look at..



On the Series 1 celebration line

On the Series 1 celebration line

Land Rovers Live

Inside Solihull, We go behind the scenes on the Defender Line


Of course even JLR needed the help of a few enthusiasts along the way to bring this all together…

Firstly a nod to Phil Bashall, the curator of the famous Dunsfold collection. Phil and his mechanic made great use of his many years of collecting nuts and bolts from series vehicles to create 5 Series 1 models that are on show at Solihull (put together in just 5 weeks).

In good old Land Rover fashion he also asked for help from a Landy Club and this case it was The Series One Owners Club that saved the day on that one.

Phil, was guided by Roger Crathorne… or ‘Mr. Land Rover’. We’re not sure which he prefers. Roger has completed 50 years of work at Solihull, starting off as an apprentice way back in 1963.

He had Land Rovers unique attraction summed up in a couple of lines – “No other car maker in the world has anything as authentic and with such meticulous attention to detail as our heritage line. It has taken months of searching and dedication to put this project together, but it has been worth it.”

As well as seeing vehicles and models at the tour, there is a section dedicated to the creation of these iconic vehicles,

If you need to visit the line before it’s all gone, Which you do click here for more info. https://shop.landrover.co.uk/driving-experiences/find-a-centre/solihull or call: +44 (0)121 700 4619.


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