In this weeks Episode of Land Rovers Live we have a bit of an overlanding theme.

The first of the series of conversations with Extreme endurance adventurer Sean Conway. Sean is the first and only man in history to swim the length of Britain in 2013 from Land’s End to John O’Groats across 900 miles. He has previously cycled the length of Britain (1300 miles) and plans to finish his Great British Triathlon in 2014 when he will run the length of Britain. Now he has a Land Rover and is getting ready for some proper adventures.

David And Jayne – Lizzy Bus

Not content with the mediocrety of suburban living David and Jayne packed in their comfortable lives for 5 years in the most uncomfortable vehicle they could find. We invited them in to tell us all about it.

During a recent trip to Show partner Bearmach we had to get hands on with some of the new Frontrunner Products

And for more information on the Cake run:

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