Talk about advanced vehicle technology, the new Disovery 5 set for 2016 launch is the most advanced Discovery we have seen by far.

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Well…where to start. The Disco 5 will be a major technological advancement in modern motoring. Not only does it feature the new Ingenium 2.0 litre high efficiency engine, which we have heard about recently, but it also packs features that either makes it the biggest boy’s toy ever or a practical solution to real world motoring requirements.

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The shell, to be made in Solihull, is the same bonded, aluminium, monocoque, as the new Range Rover and RR Sport.

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However, the cool stuff starts with the new, advanced, suspension and transmission system. Which actively monitors the terrain and adjusts the suspension settings accordingly, using laser technology. This could be made a reality.

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The new Discovery 5 could also feature laser projectors, that are situated near the front fog lights, that measure the width of the road ahead and provide assistance to the driver to negotiate narrow gaps. Additionally, large symbols could be projected onto the road to give other road users prior warning as to the intentions of the Discovery driver.

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Remember that transparent bonnet that was coined a while ago? Well the new Disco 5 could feature that. It works by recording the ground using mini cameras situated in the grille and reflecting that on to the bonnet.

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Changes are also being made to the interior, which will be home to a much more advanced ‘infotainment’ system. An advancement on the current infotainment system featured in Land Rover’s being released before the Disco 5. Such as the new Discovery Sport. Changes include a larger, central, touchscreen, and a laser HUD. This new HUD projects information much more clearly and crisply.

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Now, this feature in particular is the most exciting. Remote Drive. If this ability is to be implemented in to the Disco 5, you will be able to get out of the vehicle, along with any passengers, and park the vehicle using your tablet. This is to aid parking in narrow spaces where conventional parking wouldn’t be practical due to not being able to open the doors upon parking.

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Along with the highly efficient, 2.0 litre, Ingenium, engine, the Disco 5 is said to have an electric motor encased in the 8-speed automatic gearbox. Meaning, you can drive in an urban environment using the EV (electric vehicle) capability with a range of about 10 miles. This might not sound too impressive, but the electric motor has two functions. The other one being a, precise, torque metering capability. This would allow for much less wheel slippage whilst negotiating uneven ground.

Finally, the aesthetics. You can see from the computer generated graphic at the top that this new Disco looks much more sleek and refined. This is to enable it to blend in to an urban environment. On paper, the new, desirable, Disco, has a revised version of the ‘stepped’ roof. It is to be made to look more fluid, alongside the smaller and ‘less square’ windows. It is also meant to be having a more dynamic, nose-down, stance. The Disco will still have 7 seats, and the potential to create a large capacity luggage area when they’re folded down, but still with a more urbanised appearance. Compared to the BMW X5, of which the Disco is to steer the population away from.

Overall, the new 2016 Discovery 5 is definitely one to be noted in your calendar. It promises to be a very exciting and groundbreaking innovation. Let’s hope the specifications mentioned at the moment hold water.