(Courtesy of Fox News – The Brinkley’s – £60k Defender taken after DHS tracked back 4 owners to give cause of seizure)


As of last month, Land Rover’s across America are being seized by The Department of Homeland Security, in heavily armed droves, no less.

Some Land Rover owners from all over the USA are being left confused and bereft of a Land Rover after the DHS started nation-wide seizures of the vehicles, which, according to them, do not meet EPA regulations and/or were imported illegally; often to the complete surprise of the owner.

The officers arrive at the locations prepared with a list of VIN numbers and seize Land Rover’s with a VIN number that corresponds to one on the list.

Many American’s have bought Land Rover’s over 25 years old which they believed to be exempt of the stringent regulations, but the DHS beg to differ. Turning what should be discrete investigations to be handled with care into armed raids, which, to the untrained eye, could be mistaken for something out of Bourne Identity.

So far, the DHS have not responded to questions or provided any substantial information due to the case being sealed.