Today’s workout is all about the abs – strengthening those abdominal muscles. We’re not going to lie, this one burns!

Remember though, if you can feel your muscles working, you are taking yourself one crunch closer to a toned and sculpted stomach area. And really, who doesn’t want to look good in a boob tube or tight t-shirt (for all you Simon Cowells out there!)

This workout is hard, but we makes it easier by breaking it into one minute workouts and thirty second rest periods. You can use a purpose built timer like me, or the facility on your mobile phone to time yourself. This workout covers Curl Ups, Curl Up Hip Touches, and finally, Curl Up Pulses. Not only will these exercises give your stomach area fantastic definition, but you’ll also be reduce your chance of getting a serious back injury, as strong abs also strengthens your spine. If this wasn’t enough, almost every sport benefits from a set strong abdominal muscles, providing you with more power for engaging in hitting sports such as golf and in punching sports like boxing and forms of martial art.

As always, we want to hear how you are getting on with this. Core exercises are hard, there’s no getting away from that, but all is required is a little time out of your day to do them. And after all, these can be done in front of the TV. So no excuses!

As always, please don’t forget to stretch first – and always keep a bottle of water to hand. Exercising is thirsty work!

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