Blast away January Jelly with GymBunnies!

Lose weight and tone your butt with this ten minute cardio workout! Are you feeling the excess of the Christmas festivities? Lost your bounce but gained the dreaded ‘Muffin Top’? Well fear no more because Nick is here with a fantastic routine to help you make 2013 your healthiest year yet.

In this episode, Nick takes you through three exercises; Snap Kicks, Jump Lunges and if that doesn’t get you into enough of a sweat, Clap Press-Ups, which will add shape and definition to the arms, making sure you look *HOT* in those short sleeved tops. These babies are guaranteed to get your heart-rate going and will melt away all last traces of those Christmas puddings. Each exercise addresses a particular body part of concern whilst offering maximum calorie burn. Remember, the harder you work, the harder the burn.

And remember Bunnies – don’t forget to stretch first!

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