Enter the latest blog of… Team GYMBUNNIES!

Phew! We’ve just finished a whole day’s filming for the next batch of GymBunnies content. We’ll have some super new videos coming up for you over January, so stay tuned. Nick was feeling much better (he was a little run down last time we saw him) and he was back to his rampant rabbit-y self we are glad to report!

2013-01-05 18.37.27

We’ve got really big plans for the site, and we decided Nick was a little on his lonesome, so we invited the lovely Hannah Jackson, who took a break from her busy schedule (she’s currently starring in a touring pantomime show, and came down all the way from Cumbria) to help him out with his workouts. As you can see, they made a fantastic duo and Nick was in his element being able to demonstrate how to perform the workouts as well as showing them off himself.

Working out all day builds up an appetite so the team munched down on some healthy salad at half time – well, we have to live up to our mascot’s reputation. Besides, there’s been enough Christmas puddings to last for quite some time!

So, what next for Team GB? Well, we’ll be releasing our fantastic ‘Get Fit for 2013’ intro to fitness videos throughout January. The first one will be available tomorrow – that’s MONDAY 7th January – don’t forget! As always, we really need your feedback so let us know what you think. Check out out gallery and tweet / Facebook us so we don’t get lonely!

Keep bouncin’

Billie @ Team GB