Workplace Wellbeing

OK, OK, wellbeing is not something you would normally associate with your 9-5. However, in addition to your annoying Boss one of the biggest challenges people face at work is the stress and strain it can put on the body.

And when you think about all the hours you spend at work (Argh!) – then you need to be physically and mentally fit to perform your best and be happy. So, don’t suffer in silence with that pesky frozen shoulder, aching back and strained neck. Follow some of these tips and you should notice a difference (although I sadly can’t magic away your Boss…..!)

  • Avoid sitting at your desk for long periods of time. Bodies need to move. Why not take a break and go over and chat to that Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie *delete as appropriate – over at the water cooler?
  • Walk straight past that lift! Always take the stairs. Your body will thank you for it.
  • Low GI foods, such as porridge, will stop you from raiding the staff biscuit tin (always a nightmare in January, as people being in their Quality Street and Roses!)
  • Drink, drink, drink. Refreshing yourself with water will help hydrate you in the office.
  • Make time for lunch – and not at your desk! Take some time out for yourself and enjoy a healthy lunch away from your place of work. You’ve earned it!
  • Start as you mean to go on – always have a good, healthy low GI breakfast to start your day. Good choices include porridge, shredded wheat and soya milk. Spice up your porridge with a sprinking of blueberries!
  • Keep a banana at your desk – it is important to try and eat at least one piece of fruit in the day.
  • Ensure you have a good quality chair which supports your back. Sit upright at your desk, keeping both feet firmly on the floor.

These are all really simple changes you can make which will hopefully make your working day a little more pleasant. Do you have any tips to add that you’d like to see on the site? Please let me know. And don’t work too hard!