Fitness can seem quite mindboggling for many of us – me included when I first started out!

Well, for this first blog I thought I’d compile I list of ten tips that will help you get the most out of your new fitness regime. So, read on and remember – if you’ve got any questions about any of my advice please tweet, Facebook or drop me an email!

Weight-lifting WON'T turn you into this!

Weight-lifting WON’T turn you into this!

  1. Good to know – not only do you burn calories during your workout – but you burn MORE the day after a session – how’s THAT for motivation! Think of your workout as a two for the price of one calorie chomping marathon!
  2. Rest, rest, rest. Sounds counterproductive, I know. How can you improve your body by resting, I hear you ask? Well, your body has to have time to recover. Think of yourself as a lean, mean machine. Well, sometimes even a machine needs to relax (although tell that to The Terminator!)
  3. Get munching! – The best time to eat is fifteen minutes after exercise. Why? Well, your metabolism is in full force then, and your body will be crying out for some nutrition after putting it through exercise. Why not have a banana or a protein bar?
  4. Protein, found in foods such as eggs tuna and cottage cheese plus specialised shakes, is essential for the body, especially when exercising, as it helps to develop muscle.
  5. Don’t eat less – you are exercising – the GymBunnies program and ethos is all about helping you to get fit and enjoy life. Don’t starve yourself, eat healthily, follow our programs, stay active, and don’t become a slave to calorie counting.
  6. Weight lifting, contrary to popluar opinion, will not turn you into Arnie. Rather, weight lifting will give you a super toned shape, so don’t be shy, join the guys next time you are in the gym in the weights section. You AREN’T going to turn into that Hulk wannabe huffing and puffing over in the corner!
  7. Food – that old chestnut again. Your diet is crucial to long term success. Following our exercises and staying active is only ever part of the battle. You must make a long term commitment to following a healthy diet most of the time. We will be dealing with food in future blog posts and videos.
  8. If calorie burn is your mission, get exercising large muscle groups, such as your glutes. This is because exercising such groups is great for burning extra calories not only at the time, but after the fact too.
  9. The number 220 minus your age will give you your maximum heart rate. Calculating this will provide you with a safe basis for training.
  10. Work those abs – Yes, we all remember Britney in the noughties… but toned abs don’t just look good – they will help ensure you do not suffer from back pain.

That’s it from me folks. If you have any questions or comments I’d LOVE to hear from you so please contact me. We’ll be covering the issues mentioned here in greater detail over the next few weeks so please keep up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy training!