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Apple release Final Cut and Motion updates.

Apple release Final Cut and Motion updates.

Check out for the full run down on this major new update. Below is an extract of the concise article form over there. We can’t better it right now so do check it out


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Apple has released updates to Final Cut Pro X to version 10.2, Motion to version 5.2 and Compressor to version 4.2.  A lot of new eye-candy, some much needed new features and some large speed gains. Their 15th update to FCPX is still free and available for download now.

Apple update Final Cut Pro X to 10.2, Motion to 5.2 and Compressor to 4.2


Apple have surprised us again by releasing updates to the three professional video applications on the first day of NAB 2015. All the updates are free, which is a huge feature increase from when FCPX was first released.

Yes, the icons have had a makeover, looking a bit flatter than before!

We will look at the applications one by one, picking out the new main features, starting with FCPX. Don’t forget to backup before you install!

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