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Avid unveil Media Composer for Free!..

Avid unveil Media Composer for Free!..

Ahead of this years NAB show, Avid unveil Media Composer for Free!.. well a new stripped down version.. Does this replace Pinnacle Studio we wander?

In Case you’re not up to speed with Avid Media Composer, no one can reel of the stats better than Avid themselves:

Avid Media composer first

Here is the info or lack of from avid at present:

Q. What are the limitations of Media Composer | First compared to full Media Composer?
A. At this time we aren’t releasing detailed information on the feature set, as Media Composer | First is still in development, and won’t be available until later in 2015. However you can expect a limited feature set that makes Media Composer | First less intimidating to new users, but also less appealing to power users. You can expect fewer settings, menus,etc etc. In addition, all projects will be stored in the cloud, and you’ll get a limited number of projects and a limited amount of cloud storage space.
any thoughts? would you use this?


You can sign up for preregistration here


Avid Media Composer First



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