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The Scorpion Light

The Scorpion Light

The Scorpion Light is about portability, ease of use, flexibility and affordability. Taking lighting to the limits of your imagination.

The Scorpion Light can attach virtually anywhere. Rafters, table legs, table tops, door frames, bus poles, scaffolding, radiators, head rests, wheel arches, window sills the list is literally endless. The Light Can be powered from low costing Sony NP-F Batteries as well as mains and now via D-tap.

The Scorpion Light can also detached from the super clamp and has a 1/4 inch thread on the base, this means it can attached to a camera making it the most flexible top light on the market. Now you can get 3/4 lighting from a top light.

Unlike most conventional LED Lights the Scorpion light has steel barn doors to help mould your light. We’ve also developed a gel system that allows you to magnetically attach your favourite colour correcting gels.

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