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Red Digital Cinema and Batman Begins DP, Haris Zambarloukos talk about cameras – EIFF 2009

FilmLive.TV talks to world-renowned cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos who tells us about the role a cinematographer has in the making of a film. They are the director’s right hand person and have a huge responsibility in getting the image onto the screen.

In the second part of this episode FilmLive.TV catches up with Ted Schilowitz (also known as Red Ted) from Red Digital Cinema. He tells us about the history of the Red Camera, how it came into existence and gives a 4K image. He also talks about why people are now choosing the Red Camera to get motion quality images.

Produced in association with EIFF, Cameron Presentations, Audio Network, Mallard Productions and Lebowskis Edinburgh.

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Ben McNeill

Founder of NEXI TV, Producer of Film Live, Sound Check & Founders. Bit of a geek.

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