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Developing and Directing Films – EIFF 2009


FilmLive.TV at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009

FilmLive.TV Spoke to new Filmmaker Gary Thomas who discusses this year’s festival, his current project Early One Summer and his views on the development process of fimmaking. Also Will Massa from the Northwest Vision and Media spoke about what he looked for in new filmmakers, particularly in young writers.

Caroline Paterson and Stuart Davids, directors of Wasted, spoke to us about directing in a different way and their thoughts on filmmaking in Scotland. Choosing to go against the traditional development process of filmmaking, Paterson and Davids discuss why they chose to direct an improvised script, their preferences for ‘Instant’ filmmaking and what the future holds in store for them.

Finally Director Richard Kwietniowski, Owning Mahoney, discusses the event ‘Anatomy of a scene’ in which the dynamics between actor and director were played out in front of an audience. Kwietniowski discussed the importance of the actors and emphasises collaboration as a key factor in the filmmaking process. Kwietniowski also spoke about the relationship between the script to the film it would become.

Produced in association with EIFF, Cameron Presentations, Audio Network, Mallard Productions and Lebowskis Edinburgh.

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