NewTek TriCaster have been tasked with the challenge of ensuring a global audience can keep up with all the action at the SXSW festival – in real time.

Naturally, here at NEXI we have been keeping up to date with everything that’s been happening over at SXSW 2013. Although we weren’t able to attend in person this year, we have been able to watch live streamed keynotes and presentations thanks to the live streaming technology which has been provided by NewTek’s TriCaster device. It’s been a great help to us, as relying on Twitter feeds doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Here, we stay up late in the office (hey, Texas is hours behind GMT!), grab our popcorn and iPads for note-taking, and keep up to date with all the key presentations.


Certainly, SXSW themselves are acknowledging this hunger for live content;

“Fans of SXSW want more live content….By using three TriCaster systems, our production team is making some of the top festival content available to our loyal community members who aren’t able to make it to Austin this year.” Russ Hull, Pro Media Tech Producer with SXSW.

TriCaster 8000

Live streaming is perfect for people who cannot attend events in person, or for events which attract far more people then could physically be housed  inside a geographic location. Short of being able to attend, live streaming is the next best thing, and for us it has been a Godsend. Watching the streams is just like watching a regular TV show with clear audio and picture. Furthermore, the option to be able to edit live, which the TriCaster allows, means we aren’t left watching a simple one camera feed, but a far more interesting program which can incorporate multiple camera shots.

Live Streaming

In addition to SXSW, it seems like others have also been eager for a slice of the action that can be offered by the TriCaster, with MTV, Techzulu and Monster Products, to name but a few, all using the TriCaster to stream shows, events and interview content live.

For obvious reasons, we at NEXI are huge TriCaster fans, simply because it can offer so much to Internet Television content producers in terms of broadcasting shows live, online. Of course, next year we’ll be at SXSW in person but for this year, live streaming has offered us the next best thing to actually being there.

Dr. Billie Lister

Billie is Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at NEXI TV. She holds a Ph.D in Sociology and Social Policy, a Masters Degree in Applied Social Research and an Honours Degree in Criminology and Sociology. – Twitter | LinkedIn