I noticed that the Oscars are being streamed live this evening (well, early morning for us here in the UK)!

Obviously, this bring huge benefits in terms of being able to know instantaneously who has the must have dress this year, and who scooped the prestigious best actor/actress gong. But the joys of live streaming aside, the actual viewing of the Oscars, in effect, a TV program, online is yet another indicator of the growing popularity of watching content over the Internet.

The Grammys was also an indicator of behavioural change, with 750,000 people watching the show in real time online and 24 million engaging in social media in order to interact with others and air their views.

This year, the Oscars can be consumed via mobile devices thanks to the introduction of an App, allowing people to watch on smartphones and tablets. This shows an acknowledgement of a demand from consumers (or as I and Comscore like to term them, Digital Omnivores) to be empowered to access content on a platform of their choosing.

In case you weren’t sure, the Digital Omnivore is an interesting new breed of savvy consumers who access content via several ‘touch points’ throughout the course of their daily lives (Comscore,2012). Consumer’s embracement of tablet and smartphones have drastically altered the nature to which, how frequently, and where they access content online, as, they turn increasingly towards the Internet as a form of entertainment as well as information assimilation (Comscore, 2012).



Unfortunately, I won’t be using the App this year as it’s currently only avaliable to viewers in the US. Maybe next year the App will be rolled out internationally, providing its principal sponsor, (who this year is AT&T), with International reach.