As a freelance filmmaker then company director, I effing HATE accounting. My solution in the first year was a drawer where I stuck all my receipts which I had some vague idea of sorting out “at some point”.

Needless to say, when it came round to Tax Return time my “system” failed miserably, I got completely lost, missed the return deadline, got fined and had to spend a whole bunch of money on an emergency accountant to bail me out.

THEN I found FreeAgent. These guys are a bloody god send! The software began as a solution for freelancers (hence the name), however they have evolved to cater for most small to medium sized businesses.

The system is all online based, you can work from any computer (or even mobile device) and you never have to worry about losing your information – it’s all in the cloud. It’s simple to use yet extremely powerful.

I have been using FreeAgent for over 3 years now and I absolutely sware by it. If you are a freelancer or running any kind of business, check it out. You can get a free trial and if you like it, use the link below to get 10% the lifetime of your subscription.

FreeAgent Small Business Online Accounting