There’s only one thing that’s getting us more excited than this week’s Game of Thrones season three premiere – and that’s our first ever visit to the NAB show, in Las Vegas which kicks off on Saturday 6th April!


We’re flying out on Thursday so there will be plenty of time to prepare. We’ll be creating some great content for Film Live, and making sure our viewers get insights into new product launches hot off the press.

NewTek will be live streaming ‘Broadcast Minds‘ on Wednesday 10th April, we are excited about this event for obvious reasons. The discussion panel will feature Jim Louderback CEO of Revision3, Bruce Gersh, Comedian Tom Green, Illusionist Penn Jillette, and Shira Lazar, host and executive producer of ‘What’s Trending‘.

Broadcast Minds

On Sunday April 7th, there’s going to be a Content Creator’s Party held at Body English nightclub. We are always looking to speak to quality content creators and it is great NAB has regonised that there is a need to provide a platform where content creators can all get together, drink too much and of course develop those essential connections and get down to some serious business! If YOU happen to be reading this blog, and going to be at the party, please drop us a line!

It’s going to be a crazy few days. Billie will be promoting the Film Live channel with gusto, ensuring that our content gets out there as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Ben and Mat will be arranging and conducting interviews, editing, meeting potential partners everyday. On top of that, there’s a whole host of really cool parties to attend. Looking at the aftershow party list, we can see that NAB and Las Vegas certainly know how to party.


Keep an eye on the NEXI page for regular updates throughout our time at NAB. In addition, we’ll be constantly updating the Film Live website so check in on that. If you aren’t doing so already, follow us on Twitter @nexitv and @filmlive. You can also send us some love by liking us on Facebook (click our following ducks!). Remember, we always want to hear your thoughts so drop us a line and one of us will get back to you. Until next time, have a fantastic Easter!

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