On BBC Newsbeat this week, Zayna Aston of Google discusses the future of television. As we know, the TV landscape is changing and very soon, the most popular shows will be found online.

For Aston, content provided via YouTube acts as a complement to TV, and points out that content is now being accessed via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Not only that, live content can be broadcast online as it happens.

BBC Newsbeat

We’ve been saying it for ages – the future of the television is online.

The rise of the Digital Omnivore – that is, people who access internet content across multiple devices (not some sort of weird dinosaur that was meant to have become extinct thousands of years ago!) coupled with the potential to produce really high quality content for online distribution has provided a fertile environment for people to entertain themselves online, rather than traditionally, when accessing your favourite show meant you had to be at a certain place (usually, your living room) at a certain time (19:30 GMT Eastenders anyone?). No longer. people can access content how they want, where they want, when they want.

Shows are being used not only to entertain, but to educate, as people watch cooking programs on their tablets while trying to rustle up that perfect evening meal. Fitness fanatics short of cash can work out in the comfort of their own home – Gym Bunnies, anyone?

But don’t just take it from us and YouTube which has 20 new channels based in the UK – online streaming site Netflix is investing millions in online TV production and plans to produce five shows a year, whilst Amazon is developing programmes for its Lovefilm subscription service.