NEXI TV provides companies with an opportunity to closely connect with a highly targeted and engaged audience. We do this through our unique brand of Integrated Sponsorship.


In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in the way young people consume media, as they abandon “traditional” forms in favour of online media, fuelled by the explosion of smart-phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

This change presents challenges for brands hoping to reach this elusive demographic. NEXI TV combines the quality of television with the engagement of online interaction by producing high quality original video content, exclusively for the Internet – broadcast to a super engaged and targeted audience.

Our shows are community driven and are distributed via multiple platforms and devices, all available on-demand, in full HD.

Our unique approach of integrating sponsorship within the actual content of the show has shown to be a highly effective route for reaching new, highly targeted audiences.

Sponsoring a NEXI show is targeted, measurable and represents a high return on investment.

Recent research suggests that young male consumers now watch more content online then through traditional television.

Key demographic info;

  • Male, 18-34 80% watch more online video then television.
  • Viewers 2.5 times more likely to be fully engaged with online video.
  • 4 out of 10 viewers will share videos with others.

Our professionally produced HD shows are watched anywhere, anytime, on any device and through any service – from mobile phones to notebooks and PCs, up to HDTVs without subscription and all for FREE.

Our shows are viewed through NEXI TV along with a number of distribution partners including, YouTube, iTunes, Vimeo, Facebook & Livestream.

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